My family and I were grateful to be under the care of Dr. Kris Nguyen for a year. He’s warm, welcoming, friendly, and passionate about his patients. He treated us like his own family. He has a great wealth of knowledge, and even for the most apprehensive patient he puts you at ease with his techniques.

He was amazing with my 8 year old, and 9-year-old children. He would make jokes, ask them about their week, and connect with them to make them feel comfortable. He got down to their level. He offered suggestions, and exercises that were kid appropriate for keeping their bodies in proper alignment. He would check in each week to make sure they were doing their exercises. My daughter in the past, suffered from several ear infections, and a ruptured eardrum. Under care, she never had an ear infection, or any problems with her ears. With my son being in sports he kept him in proper alignment.

Dr. Kris also cared for my adult sister with Down Syndrome. His warmth, compassion, and understanding with people who have special needs was exceptional. He went out of his way to explain his care plan with her, and provided exercises that she was capable of doing on her own. In the past she had severe TMJ. She could not eat a meal without her jaw locking up. Dr. Kris created a successful care plan that allowed her to enjoy eating without pain.

My husband and I also sought care from Dr. Kris. My husband is a former athlete, and currently goes to the gym 5 days a week. Dr. Kris helped to readjust his hips, wrists, and relieve back and neck pain. There were times were my husband could not bend down to put his socks on. Dr. Kris improved his mobility, flexibility, and overall satisfaction of life.

Lastly, Dr. Kris was very patient with me. I do not like cracking sounds, and am always scared anyone who adjusts me will do more harm then good. Dr. Kris was patient with walking me through each visit, and letting me know ahead of time his care plan. He used techniques that required no cracking sounds, and used methods that would make me feel comfortable during my visits. He improved my daily lower back pain to being the occasional pain.

Dr. Kris is truly a great chiropractor. We had nothing but great results under his care. Thank you Dr. Kris for your kindness, patience, and excellent care.