Dr. Kris is an exceptional Chiropractor, and his methods are very effective and easy for the body to accept. I have a business baking challah bread, and I am constantly hunched over the counter using my hands, neck, back, and shoulders to knead and braid dough. After a while, my muscles become fatigued, and I begin to ache. I have also experienced cramping, and a general feeling of being ‘out of sorts’.

Dr. Kris performed a thorough evaluation on me during our first visit. He took photos of my posture, scanned my spine, and took x-rays so we could reference the ‘before’ and ‘after’ progress. During our first treatment, Dr. Kris was extremely gentle, and kept checking in with me to learn more about which areas on my back and neck needed extra attention. He kept detailed notes as to how my body responded and how I felt, so he knew what movement worked best.

After several sessions with Dr. Kris, I no longer have pain while baking bread, and I can help myself stay in alignment by doing simple exercises Dr. Kris taught me. I highly recommend using the skills and knowledge of Dr. Kris Nguyen as a tool to keep your body healthy. He is a permanent part of my health care team. In addition to being a great chiropractor, Dr. Kris is a sincere and positive person.