At an early age, I’ve always been an active person and sometimes we, as very young individuals are careless of our physical health subconsciously-until we grow up and become more aware of our external and internal environment. I recall being a young kid back in high school and one day at a recreational center, fell on my back playing basketball after a physical contact in midair. Shortly after, I was not able to move for seconds and once I was able to, I kept on playing. I remember like it was just yesterday and lived though it – bad posture for many years throughout college even. With increasing symptoms, I was introduced to Chiropractic! For many years, I was presented with posture issues, pinched nerve in which I thought at the time was a heart issue and poor overall health standards (Immunity, mood and so on…). All these issues were resolved by chiropractic; the preventative care and self-healing through holistic form of medicine/alignment.

I’ve been under the care of Dr. Nguyen for quite sometime now and he’s been very thorough and genuine with me as his patient. I had a very “family” atmosphere with him and he took his time to hear out my concerns and made sure that we worked as a team to keep my overall health at optimal or made sure that we communicated in detail if I was in pain to find the best solution or treatment. He really cared for my health and I can attest that he does the same thing to all his patients. I have nothing but great things to say and thank you for keeping my health at the best form possible!!!