Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the initial exam?

Our initial exam price is $320, which includes:

    • A full health consultation – so we can understand exactly what is going on.
    • A digital postural analysis – so we can assess your posture and give you proper exercises and feedback.
    • A thermography scan, which tests the heat difference between the left and right side of the spine, allowing us to detect any levels of inflammation.
    • A full chiropractic exam to test your nervous system (muscle and nerve function test)
    • Finally we do a 3D x-ray so that we can cater our adjustment specifically to your spine.

How long does the initial exam and 3D x-ray take?

We dedicated 45 minutes to an hour to understanding your health concerns. 

Do you take insurance?

We are a cash based practice and do not take insurance. Ultimately we do not like taking insurance because we don’t believe an insurance company that has never seen you, heard from you, or performed any exams on you can dictate  the type of care you need, how many visits you need, and for how long. We want to make sure you receive the care your body needs and deserves.

Insurances are made for short term “quick fix” type of care.  They are based heavily on conventional medicine where they treat symptoms and disease by using drugs, radiation, and or surgery.  We want to help fix the root cause of your health issue.

It is also difficult to have an insurance company approve any type of holistic, preventative, or wellness care, including care for children! 

Here in the office we try to make payments as easy as possible. However, we accept HSA/FSA and if you have out of network coverage we could provide you a super bill. We recommend that you call your insurance first and ask if they will accept a superbill from an out of network provider.

What is a super bill?

Once a visit is paid for, we will provide you an itemized bill of whatever care you had and you can send that directly to your insurance and your insurance will reimburse you directly.  

How much is a regular visit?

Office visits are $90, however after the initial exam and X-ray we give our patients specific recommendations on the length and amount of care depending on what we find and what is going on. Our patients then choose a plan that best fits their goals which can lower the cost per visit to $75-80 depending on the option. 

How long does a regular visit take?

We dedicate usually 10-15 minutes to our patient’s regular visits. This can also vary depending on how well each patient is functioning. If a cervical (neck) adjustment is done, our patients are required to rest for an additional 15-20 minutes in order to allow the spine, tissue, and body to integrate and heal before leaving the office. 

How come I won’t receive an adjustment on the first day? When will the adjustment happen?

The first day is dedicated to finding out exactly what is going on and if we can help. We never want to guess with your health and it requires additional time to view, assess, and plan each case. Our adjustments are catered to each individual person and their unique spine and nervous system. 

On the second visit our patients will receive a full doctor’s report including the recommendations of care and will then have the opportunity to receive their first adjustment!

Exceptions are made if patients are traveling from far away or if there is an emergency.  

What kind of adjustments do you do?

The office specializes in the Blair Technique, which is a specialty of the upper neck.

Blair takes into account that every body is built differently, so we utilize in depth examination and a 3-D x-ray of the neck to learn more about your structure and so we can cater your adjustments and care to your body.

Although the doctors specialize in blair, once the neck is holding its adjustments the doctors also utilize other techniques to adjust the rest of the spine and extremities when needed.

If you have any questions about the services that we provide our patients, please contact us today at (714) 406-0408.